How It Works

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Project Ideation Phase:

The Project Ideation Phase is where all great projects and ideas are born. During this phase you should brainstorm your project with your inner circle. (Those that support you, see your vision and will be your earliest supporters.)  If you develop your project in the Project Ideation phase appropriately by creating early buy-in and awareness, you will be able to gauge if a project will be supported, or if you will need to go back to the drawing board and continue to build your project idea.

  • Register and subscribe with KickBlackNow
  • Email us at if you want assistance in the Project Ideation Phase and one of our Project Managers will assist you. This will increase your flat rate. (See Fee Structure section below)

Project Realization Phase:

The Project Realization Phase is where dreams become realities.  Now that you have early buy-in and awareness of your project, you can prepare to launch your project’s campaign.

  • Submit your project form
  • Share widely through social media and word of mouth
  • Find other creative avenues to bring awareness to your project’s campaign

Project Legitimization Phase:

After you successfully close your campaign you enter the Project Legitimization where you receive your funds and deliver proof-of-project to your supporters. Do not undermine the importance of this phase as it is sets up success for future projects.

Fee Structure:

KickBlackNow’ charges a 5% platform fee in addition to payment processing fees associated with our payment processor. (PayPal & Stripe)

Industry Standards:

The crowdfunding industry consist of various associates fess depending on the platform you use. Administrative fees customarily are 5% of fees raised and payment processing fees through online payment portals like PayPal are an additional 2.99% + $0.05 per micropayment, or between 2.99% + $.020 – $0.30 per transaction. Other platforms that cater to artist can charge 10-15% for artists providing digital downloads and merchandise. Shipping is not included for items promised to backers and supporters.