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A lone black womxn longing to teach critical thinking and openheartedness to future generations.

Christine Education January 21, 2018 at 12:45 pm
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My name is Christine Andrada Henley. I live in Southern Oregon and work at a charter school doing various jobs such as aiding in the middle school language arts classes, acting as a runner between campus buildings, leading and supervising ms lunch period, teaching ms Talented & Gifted students, teaching writing, supervising the boarding of busses. In order to continue teaching TAG, I must obtain an Oregon State Charter Teaching License. Being the only black womxn at any level in this school motivates me to pursue this license diligently, for I know I can make a huge, positive impact on students who have almost no exposure to black people, and specifically a black womxn in a position of authority possessing much knowledge. I love the students very much, and they love me! Moreover, this license allows me the freedom and power to explore options and make the money I am worth. Will you invest in the future by investing in me?

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